Thursday, February 26, 2015

Southern Snow Day

Here in SC, we rarely get snow.  And when we do get snow, it's usually a "light dusting".  Every winter, meteorologists always call for some HUGE snowstorm that typically doesn't pan out. So, earlier this week when all of the weather stations were calling for the biggest snow storm in SC history, I didn't really give it much credit.  And then the Governor of our state declared us in a State of Emergency nearly 4 hours before the storm actually reached us.  So I started wondering if we really were going to get snow or not, but pretty quickly decided that it was all just a lot of hype for nothing.

And then, it actually did snow.  However, we didn't get the 8-10 inches that they'd called for.  Instead, we got THREE WHOLE INCHES.  I am being a little too sarcastic, because three inches is a LOT for us.  And we were lucky, because most of the areas in our state got all rain and no snow.

So snow day it was.  And thus the reason for the picture overload below- Kate's 2nd real snow day, and Karsten's first!

I can't believe how big she is looking these days.  No longer a toddler, and though she really is only 3, she looks like a school aged kid to me!  Tear!

Last Monday, we got a good bit of snow/ice mix that froze into a thick crunchy blanket as it fell.  Kate woke up and saw that the ground was white and thought she was going to get to build a snowman. She was pretty disappointed when she realized it was all ice.  But today - she built a snowman!


Kate kept insisting that she wanted her snowman to be a princess and wear a Cinderella dress.  We had to convince her that a cowboy would be much better.  The real reason is that those princess dresses are too expensive to put on a melting snowman!  And we have outside dogs, so there's no telling what would have happened to it!

By the way, those are Hershey Kisses for the eyes and nose! 

Tadaa!  Finished snowman!

We got the best amount of snow to play in, and by 5pm on the same day, it was about 90% gone.  That makes for a perfect snow day.


  1. That is a very legit snowman. Love the pictures--the girls are getting so big! The last picture is especially sweet.

  2. Oh goodness, they are both too precious. They did a great job on their snowman too! We got snow this year and too much in my opinion. This is the first time I remember in many years that we had this much. Our last storm brought like 13 inches. We took the kids snow tubing and then I was done with it. Unfortunately, it's still on the ground. I'm so ready for Spring

  3. That is adorable. I LOVE the idea of using hersheys kisses for the mouth and eyes! I bet they stick well due to their shape, and they look awesome! What a fun snow day :-)


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