Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

A month or so ago, our family made plans to visit a really great pumpkin patch that is in our area on the weekend of October 11th.  And then, for obvious reasons, our plans ended up getting cancelled. :) 

After getting Karsten, my mom stayed with us for about a week and was a HUGE help.  So on Thursday, I decided to take Kate on a Mommy/Daughter outing for just the "big girls".  In other words, we left Karsten at home with my mom and headed to a nearby pumpkin patch.

It was much, much, smaller than the one we originally planned to go to, but Kate didn't seem to mind.

They had a few different farm animals. Kate loved the horse (pony) and begged to ride it the whole time we were there.  Unfortunately, they didn't offer pony rides so she was out of luck.

There were goats.

And of course, pumpkins.  Lots of pumpkins. 

(PS- If you're ever wondering why my blogging and pictures have slowed down in the past few months, it's because this is just about all I see of Kate these days. The girl is always running.)

It was a really quick trip, but I wanted to do something special so that she didn't feel too much jealousy toward Karsten. Kate loved it, and before we left, we picked out a pumpkin to take home to decorate.


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