Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Karsten's First Haircut

Karsten is now 3.5 and I'm finally getting around to her first haircut.  I know - typical 2nd child syndrome, right?  I've wanted it to grow out and with curly hair, it's just really hard to tell if it is uneven or not so we have just gone with it.  However, the ends have started to get really tangled and so I knew we needed to get the dead ends cut off and get it cleaned up a bit.

Kate gets allergy shots on Tuesday afternoons so Kevin and I both took a kid-related chore after work. Kevin took Kate to get her shots and I took Karsten to get a haircut.  On the bright side, there is a Mexican restaurant right next door to the hair salon, so guess what we did after? :)

So here are my before pictures:

I took those with my iPhone quickly before her cut, so this is probably a better representation of her hair before.  This was taken a few days prior. 

Karsten was very concerned that it was going to hurt when her hair got cut with the scissors. I mean, doesn't that make sense for a 3 year old to think that?  After she realized it didn't hurt, she was 100% fine and talkative. 

And in keeping with the 2nd child syndrome, I forgot to take an after picture. Oops.  Here is one a few days later.  Like I said, we just did a SLIGHT trim so it really isn't even noticeable. But combing her hair after a bath is so SO much easier now! When you have stick straight hair, learning how to care for beautiful, curly, bi-racial hair is definitely something I have to work on. We've figured out what works well for her hair for now, but I'm sure I will learn lots more in the future. On thing is for sure, hair cut number 1 is in the books. 

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