Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Day of School 2015

A few weeks ago, Kate started school.  She is in K4 this year, at the same church program that she attended last year.  So far things have gone really well and she is enjoying school. I hope that continues and she loves to learn!

Here she is before we got in the car...

Because we were on vacation the week before, we missed the school's open house.  Luckily Kate had gotten to meet her teacher before we left on vacation, because their teachers do home visits before school starts to introduce themselves.  However, since we weren't at open house, Kate had no idea where her classroom was.  So you would think she'd want me to walk her in on the first day, right? I mean isn't that the normal thing for kids to want?

But, nope. When we got there, she BEGGED for me not to walk her in. She kept saying "No! Just go through the car line and drop me off."  And y'all. She had no idea where to go!

I walked her in anyway. Man. We're not starting this in K4!

Fake smiling for the win. 

We're hoping this school year goes as well as the last one! It is off to a fun start!

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  1. Such a beautiful doll, all the best baby. Lots of blessings and good wishes.


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